Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva) is a 6 year old lab/staffy mix.  She comes from South Carolina as a severe neglect Case. Her owner contacted our shelter partner and asked them to send someone out to euthanize her or he would shoot her, due to the fact he sated that she was no longer able to stand to go outside on her own. The humane society sent someone out to save her instead. She is heartworm positive, very emaciated, has bad teeth that need fixed and has old callouses from pressure sores from not having enough body composition while laying on a hard surface. 

We have found her to be extremely sweet. She craves human interaction. She is house and crate trained and has learned sit and paw. We will continue working on other basic commands. She has met a cat and has been interested but not overly so. She will meet other dogs as she heals.  She has begun medication for treating her heartworm.

Her adoption fee will be $275.