Surrendering a Pet

Please note that at this time we do not accept cats and are unable to help with felines. We simply do not have the resources or foster home availability to do so.

Rescue Puppy

If you have found a stray dog, PLEASE contact your local humane society. By PA law, we are unable to take in any stray unless it has spent a minimum of 48 hours at a state shelter. Attempts to locate original owner must also be made before you are able to legally give away an animal that does not belong to you. This includes contacting the humane society, taking to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip and making public posts (flyers/social media). Humane societies ARE NOT the enemy. If you choose to take in a stray dog, you must have a plan in place and can not rely on rescues to be able to have space to take in an unknown dog.

If you are wanting to surrender your own dog:

Please also note that we normally have LISTS of dogs waiting for their own foster home already. There is never a guarantee we will be able to help. In order to be considered you must email ( the following info. If we do not have full info listed below, we can not consider your request.

1. Name, age, breed and sex of dog

2. Vaccination status and do you have the ability to provide records of these?

3. Is the dog spayed or neutered?

4. How is the dog with--

        Strangers? Children? Other Dogs? Cats?

5. Truthful reason for surrendering

6. We need photos AND videos of your dog. Preferably interacting with other animals.

7. Is your dog house trained? Crate trained? Does it know any commands?

8. Does your dog have a bite history? Any aggressive tendencies? Any anxiety?

9. Does your dog have any health issues that need addressed? Is your dog on any medication?

10. Do you agree to allow an Abby's Angels representative to come to your residence to evaluate your dog before agreeing to take it into the rescue? Are you willing to sign a surrender form?

Any other behaviors--likes/dislikes, potential issues, etc that can help place your dog.

All of these must be provided truthfully. Our dogs go immediately into foster homes. We make it a priority to ensure the safety of all of our foster families, their children, their animals and every dog we take in. If you are untruthful it can result in placing a dog into a home that is not the right fit and can have detrimental consequences. 


A surrender fee may apply depending on the needs of the dog surrendering. Again, Please answer all questions and send photos and videos to