Adoption Fees:

0-6 months: $350

7months-2 years: $325

2-8years $275

8 yrs + $250

Purebred or specialized breeds (eg. Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.) may have a higher adoption fee. 

Fees are also subject to change dependent on medical needs of dogs 



Marv was born on 12/7/21.  

He is playful and sweet. He has typical puppy energy and is learning to use his mouth to explore the world around him.  He is getting used to living with other animals (dogs/cat) and adores all people.

He will need a family who will continue to keep him socialized, take him to puppy training classes, and are prepared for always being on the go.

He is the peace keeper of his siblings. He romps and plays but also avoids any confrontation he deems too much for him. He is an excellent cuddler. 


NOT accepting applications until he has been seen and cleared by a vet.  Any applications sent in before then, will be deleted.