•1.5-2 year old lab mix. Found as a stray in SC.
•Weighs approx 40-45 lbs
•Super scared and shy boy. It takes him a long time to warm up to new situations and any changes put him a step back
•does very well with most female dogs and they bring him joy and more confidence
•requires a fenced in yard as he is skittish 
•he needs someone who has a lot of time and patience to let him settle in on his own terms and on his own time.
•his crate is his safe space and he will require one. It is his go to when he is uncomfortable
•takes treats gently
•loves balls
•Milos Kitchen Meatballs are his favorite

-hoards toys in his crate, they give him comfort

-is doing much better with his leash skills and is gaining more confidence in people
•is genuinely curious about the world and wants to be loved, just doesn’t always understand fully that he deserves to be

-Adoption Fee is sponsored

Adoption Fees:

0-6 months: $350

7months-2 years: $325

2-8years $275

8 yrs + $250

Purebred or specialized breeds (eg. Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.) may have a higher adoption fee. 

Fees are also subject to change dependent on medical needs of dogs