Maeve is approx. 2.5-3 years old and she has a very unique background.

Last year, we received a set of two sibling puppies from SC. A few days later, we received a single puppy found in a separate location. The two siblings came from a feral mother whom the shelter had been trying to unsuccessfully trap for over a year.

Fast forward a year almost to the date the puppies arrive. We re-evaluated DNA results on the single pup-CLOVER-and found out she had a direct sibling. It turned out to be Dottie, one of the two siblings who were found a few days before she was. 

We contacted the shelter to ask them if they remembered the three pups and they told us that if they were related, their mom was the feral they had been trying to capture, and that in fact, they had just captured her almost exactly a year later after the pups were rescued. Maeve is their mom.

She is currently working on settling into a foster home and will have a long road to become rehabbed and trusting of people. She was a stray dog her entire life and has not had positive interactions with people until now. 2.5-3 years of being solely dependent on her own survival will take some time to overcome. However, she is doing better than anticipated. She is allowing small increments of petting. She will eat treats around her foster mom. She is using puppy pads regularly for her bathroom needs.

She still has a ton of fear to work through. But she has never once growled or bared her teeth. She wants to trust. She will eventually get there, and she is safe until she does.

We will not be accepting apps on Maeve for quite some time. She is also heartworm positive and will need spayed.