Sammy is an approx. 6-7 year old beagle. He is a tiny tot and his ideal weight is about 23-24 lbs. He absolutely loves people--especially kids. He has been great with other dogs, and even cats--although if they're gray like bunnies or squirrels he will chase them. He will need either a fenced in yard or to always be on a leash or lead, because he follows his nose wherever it will lead him. So even if he loves you more than life, he'll take off with no regard to the safety and security you offer him if his nose tells him there is something interesting. He is crate and house trained (he will initially try to mark in a new place, but takes correction well). He knows how to sit and has perfected using his soulful eyes to entice you out of some extra pets or treats. He is as close as to an easy, perfect guy as you can get. He has been treated for heart worm and is just awaiting his bloodwork to be neutered. All vaccines are up to date.

His adoption fee-$275.