Adoption Fees:

0-6 months: $350

7months-2 years: $325

2-8years $275

8 yrs + $250

Purebred or specialized breeds (eg. Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.) may have a higher adoption fee. 

Fees are also subject to change dependent on medical needs of dogs 


Faith is a 15 week old, mixed breed female who will probably grow to medium sized (40-50 lbs give or take).

She came from SC with her siblings Love and Hope.

Faith had a medical emergencies and began having seizures and was rushed to an ER and spent the weekend there. She has been diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

She has been seizure free since July 31. She is at a healthy weight and is playing like a normal puppy.

Please understand that she will need to stay on seizure medication and must receive it 3 times a day (every eight hours on the dot) until she is 6 months old and possibly for her lifetime. This is Non-negotiable. She will finish receiving her vaccines and be retested for Rocky Mt Spotted Fever and it must come back negative before she can go to a forever home. We will also ask for at least weekly updates on her until she is able to be off the seizure medication or until she is a year old, and then it will be our regular every three months (or more if you choose ) checkin. We also prefer a family who has had some experience with seizures in dogs or who are willing to learn.

Faith is good with everyone and everything. She is mischievous, she’s a chewer, and she hasn’t yet grasped not biting people… but she’s also only 15 weeks old. She’s working on house training, knows how to sit, lie down and is crate trained. She is a HORRID car rider, and must be in a crate or buckled in unless you would like her to cause an accident—because she will try. She loves food, will snuggle, and is an excellent sleeper. She currently lives with dogs and a cat and does fine with all.

If you didn’t know she almost died, you’d never know 

Accepting Applications