Adoption info:

Our fees depend on the age of a dog.
0-6 months-$350
7 months-1 year-$325
2-8 years-$275
8+ (seniors) $200

(fees may be higher if a dog is a pure-bred, ie husky, french bulldog)

All adoption fees include:

Vaccinations good for one year including:
All distemper vaccinations
All Parvovirus vaccinations
All Hepatitis vaccinations
All Leptospirosis vaccinations
All Parainfluenza vaccinations
Rabies vaccination
Lyme vaccinations (for most)
4DX bloodwork test for heart worm and tick borne diseases
Fecal testing for parasites
Microchipping and registration
Spay or neuter
Deworming if needed
Any other medical care needed before adoption
And heartworm and flea/tick prevention.

The average cost for us to completely vet one animal with the items above is $450-$ long as everything is perfect and there are no emergencies or outlying issues/sicknesses that happen. When that occurs we have spent over $12,000 on one dog. We are not making money off of adoptions. We are strictly nonprofit and rely on donations to vet our animals and give them the care they deserve.

Adoption applications can be found on the top menu of our website. Please answer every question honestly. We do require a non refundable $15 application processing fee to start your application. If a donation is not made for this fee, we will not process your application. This usually prevents any impulse applications and we are able to determine that the person is seriously interested in one of our Angels. PLEASE do not fill out a foster application if it is your intent to adopt.

When applying, please also understand that we are all volunteers and have full time jobs as well. There also may be other apps for the dog you are interested in. Applications can take anywhere from two days to a week to process depending on your references. Please inform them someone from our organization will be calling so they are prepared to return a call if they do not answer. Once your references and your interview have been completed, a volunteer will be in contact to conduct a home visit. The entire approval process and adoption completion may take 1-3 weeks total. We notify all applicants by email once your process is completed. We appreciate your understanding.

Meet and greets. We normally do not let anyone do a meet and greet unless they are an approved adopter. This means they have submitted an application and fee, we have checked all references, background check and have done a home visit to be certain this will be a fantastic home and fit for one of our Angels. The exception being adoption events or public events in which dogs are in attendance.

If you are an approved adopter, and have not adopted, you have first choice of the next dog you are interested in, as long as we feel the dog is the right fit and has the right personality for their home. If you think you may be interested in a dog in the future, you can always apply now, we will process your application and will keep it on file for 6 months. After 6 months we would require an update as to any changes in your home or status.

We are always looking for volunteers for fostering, fundraising, events, application processing, home visits and transports. If you are interested in any of these areas please send an email to

To donate towards the care of our Angels, to sponsor an adoption fee, or to send your Application Donation, you can send donations to


Venmo: AbbysAngelsAnimalHaven

CashApp $AbbysAngelsAH

Zelle 814 279 7287

Or click on the donate tab on the website or the Learn more button on our Facebook page.