I am Nicole, the founder and Director of AAAH. I grew up with dogs being a part of my family my entire life and aspired to become a veterinarian for many, many years.  I attended college in North Carolina as a pre-veterinary student.  Eventually, life happened and I chose a different career path, but my love for animals grew stronger with each passing moment.

I walked into a shelter in 2008, and instantly saw Abigail.  I knew immediately she was my soul dog, my heart dog and I had no idea what adventures awaited us.

I began volunteering (for rescues in PA, DE, NJ and NY--fostering, processing applications, transporting and fundraising) shortly after Abby's adoption, and my passion for rescue continued to grow into an overwhelming need to make a difference.

My husband and I rescued Bentley in 2012, Prada came to live with us in 2014 as a foster to adopt, and then came our hospice fostering days.  We have fostered several hospice dogs until their time on earth has come to a close and they are ready for their next journey.

Abby was diagnosed with mast cell cancer in 2015, had surgery and treatment, became a viral sensation on the internet for awhile for a picture I posted after she beat cancer and went on to live until 2018.  

In April 2018, Abby had a devastating seizure, caused by a brain tumor.  She passed and my world came to a halt.  After many months, I knew that the best way to honor her, to give her the legacy she deserved for changing my life, was to have her change the lives of as many people and animals she could.  

Abby's Angels was informally launched in January 2019, and we received our state approval in April 2019.  

Abby will continue impacting lives for as long as I am around.  She made me a better person, and in turn, it is my time to honor her.

My husband and I currently have 6 dogs (three pitties, a Frenchton, a Staffy/hound, and a Staffy/husky) and a cat he brought home off the road one day.

We plan to move in the not so distant future, and build an adoption center for the rescue.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and for all who join us on our journey to fulfill our mission. To give a second chance to those in need, one Angel at a time.


Hi, I’m Lindsay Buchanan. I am the Vice President of Abby's Angels and  I also work for Downtown Bedford Incorporated as an Administrative Assistant where I help create exciting events and help revitalize our charming downtown. I have been with the organization since July 2018. After graduating high school, I went on to get my Associate’s Degree in Business Management at Allegany College of Maryland.


I have three beautiful sons. We have two dogs, Luca and Florence, and two cats, Shadow and Miss Wella. My hobbies include spending time with my family, going to my kids sporting events, and helping my sister with our dog rescue - Abby’s Angels Animal Haven. My children and I foster dogs (mainly puppies or expectant mothers), help with fundraisers, and finalize adoptions. We have fostered many momma dogs and their puppies, young adults, and we can never say no to a dog seriously in need of a place to crash.