Adoption Fees:

0-6 months: $350

7months-2 years: $325

2-8years $275

8 yrs + $250

Purebred or specialized breeds (eg. Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.) may have a higher adoption fee. 

Fees are also subject to change dependent on medical needs of dogs 


•1.5 year old male Staffy
•someone poured chemicals on him in SC and burned him, he walked up to a prison for help. They called Animal control and he made his way to PA
•weighs approx 50 lbs
•completely vetted
•has been ok with other dogs, but needs to learn manners and that they do not necessarily enjoy being jumped on
•needs some work with leash walking
•lots of energy and would love someone to exercise him with daily walks/hikes/runs
•may need continued professional training to help him learn to properly redirect excitement and pent up energy
•is crate trained
•is house trained
•Can be too much for children who haven’t had a lot of big dog experience as he doesn’t understand his body size and still has manners to work on
•will need structure and someone willing to work with him, as he acts like a 10 week old puppy in an adult body. He never learned. He deserves that chance.

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