2.5 year old female Staffy
•came from SC
•has Cherry eye that has been examined and is not causing any issues or vision impairment. Surgery isn’t required as it is only cosmetic.
•house and crate trained but prefers to not be crated
*LOVES people and wants to be with them as much as possible
*loves benebones, stuffies, and all chew toys
•has been great with all people, but may need children over 12 as she is a bull in a China shop and doesn’t seem to notice they’re there.
•no cats
•pulls on the leash, but is working on this
•currently weighs around 50 lbs
•has lived with a male dog, Can be picky with females
*would love an active home and would be a great hiking/walking partner with some leash work skills

Accepting Applications

Adoption Fees:

0-6 months: $350

7months-2 years: $325

2-8years $275

8 yrs + $250

Purebred or specialized breeds (eg. Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.) may have a higher adoption fee. 

Fees are also subject to change dependent on medical needs of dogs