My name is Alyssa. I volunteer in multiple areas with the rescue, but mainly I am the Application Processing Coordinator. I make sure that all of our adopters and fosters are contacted in a timely manner to help the dogs find their homes! I also help with events and posting on our Facebook page. I live with my 4 dogs, one of which was a foster "fail" through the rescue, and another I adopted through AAAH. My family always had dogs growing up; but when I moved out on my own, I didn't live in an apartment that allowed pets. I had experienced a tragedy which caused my mom to suggest that I consider moving to a pet friendly location. I took her advice, and she got me my first dog as an adult, Stella. Stella became my best friend, my side kick. She and I became so close and bonded that all I wanted to do was give back to the species that essentially saved me. Volunteering with a rescue just seemed natural to me. When I'm not helping with the rescue, I can be found cuddling with my pups, swimming in my pool, or taking a class at my gym.


Hello, I'm Nikki Edwards- I live in Bedford, married to Trent for almost 25 years, we have three children, my daughter is finishing her sophomore year at PSU - Main Campus. I have twin boys age 15 who are freshmen at Bedford High school . I work with the federal programs grants for Bedford Area School District and am the administrative assistant to the Assistant Superintendent. We have two cats Mocha and Simba . I assist with daily posts, applications, and events .


Hi, I’m Ali. I’m 25. I live in Cresson, PA with my boyfriend, James, and my two dogs, Sage and Draco. I’ve been a volunteer with Abby’s Angels for about three months now. I am a foster, I help with the applications, and I also fundraise! Rescue became a huge part of my life a little over a year ago when I adopted my soul dog, Sage. After adopting her my eyes were opened to the world of rescue. After having her for about 4 months, the rescue I adopted her from reached out to me about another dog. That’s when I first started fostering, I had a hospice foster. Her name was Periwinkle, Wink was what I called her though. She had a neurological condition and was no longer able to be cared for in the shelter and was to be euthanized so the rescue pulled her and I took her in. She was with me for about five months before she got too tired and left this earth. In those five months, she taught me so many lessons that I never knew I needed to learn. But in the last few weeks of her life, when she started declining, I reached out to numerous rescues for guidance. Only one rescue responded, Abby’s Angels. Nicole replied right away, even called me and offered me a helping hand. After Wink passed, I wanted to do something to honor Wink and her memory and what she taught me. I thought about it for awhile and then I decided I knew. So I applied to be a foster through Abby’s Angels. I’ve only been volunteering with Abby’s for a short period of time now but in that short time I’ve helped some amazing pups find their forever homes and hopefully many more to come! I’ve made numerous friendships, that I am so thankful for, and connected with so many people. Rescue has changed my life and through dogs, I have found my purpose.


Hi! I'm Olivia!

I’m a Real Estate Agent for Howard Hanna Realty by day.  Home Inspector for AA the rest of the time.   I’m an avid volunteer for different organizations in Bedford & Blair County because getting involved is important for our community. We adopted Hadley in June 2019.  I loved the organization & believed in their mission so much I knew I had to donate some of my time to this worthy cause.


Hi, I'm Kerri! I live in Bedford and I'm a foster mom.

I foster for so many reasons: •To keep dogs out of shelters • To learn about their personality to help match them to the best furever home. •To show them unconditional love and acceptance • To learn about various breeds of dogs, even going outside my comfort zone. My first foster dog, Chandler (now Beau), was an absolute perfect fit for our family and our dog Chloe. He was so gentle and sweet. Over the course of 12 weeks I was able to see his personality shine through. He became confident and trusting. Watching the joy and mutual attraction between Chandler and his adoptive parents at the meet and greet truly touched my heart. My second foster, Digger, broke me. I've always had an irrational fear of bully breeds. From the time I set eyes on Digger, my fear was gone. He was the absolute sweetest, most affectionate and loving dog I have ever met. It was like he new he had been saved and was so appreciative. He taught me more than I taught him.


I’m Betsy Ickes, retired engineer, now writer, married to Gary, dog mom to rescues Hannah, Heidi, and Kol, and cat mom to Ben and Jerry. My volunteer efforts for Abby’s Angels consist mainly of helping to process the applications by calling and interviewing the applicants and their references. I also help by donating time to fundraising events and volunteering when I am able.


Hi, I'm Suzanne.

My current foster girl Junie and myself.      

I started doing animal rescue transport over a year ago. That’s how I found out about Abby’s Angels & met Nicole.       

My sweet Pomeranian Mattie passed in January and as a tribute & thank you to her for the wonderful years she gave me (she was a rescue from WV), I started fostering for Nicole. I have also done 2 home visits, try to donate when I can, and help in anyway I can.


Hello! I'm Michelle!

Here’s our family photo... All 3 pups here have been rescued or saved from a not so great life. Even with 3 lovable fur babies we want to continue to find every dog a home. Fostering was my daughter Amelias idea when she decided she wanted to “help all the animals” & I’m so glad she came up with it. We LOVE cuddling up and showing new things to the dogs we foster and we love learning from them too! We love seeing their personalities come out and then watching them find their forever homes. My daughter says, “they know we’re saving them”.. and she’s right. They love a little bit harder and appreciate their homes just a little bit more


I'm Natalie.  My husband and I have fostered for Abby's Angels and are currently caring for sweet Suki.

My daughters are the directors of the rescue, so I get to see and meet many of the dogs that come through.

I also help with fundraising and sharing the posts.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with our 3 grandsons and having family time.


Hi, I'm Lisa!

Anya Came to us as a foster on March 27, 2019. After two weeks with us, she had become a part of the family and on April 7 she was officially adopted. Her name officially became Anya Dawn that day! I have helped the rescue with transports, applications, home visits, fund raisers, sometimes where needed and moral support for Nicole’s sanity with people at times lol! Personally, I’d love to foster again someday and will continue to help in any way I can. This has been a wonderful experience and has been awesome watching the rescue grow from ground zero to now. It’s exciting to think of what is to come!