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Springing Ahead!

Spring is slowly headed our way, and with it comes a country faced with a current pandemic and a bank account that has been wiped out and has been hard to replenish. The three pups we have been treating for some time now; Priya (now Maizy), Brisa (now Cruz) and Suki, are still being closely monitored by our veterinarians. Priya and Brisa have visits every two weeks for electrolye checks and bloodwork. Suki visits everyday Monday thru Friday for observation and any changes that may be needed to her care.

On top of these three, we have dozens of other spay/neuters, hernia repairs, demodex treatments, deworming medications, heartworm treatments, vaccines to pay for and the ever mounting bills just never decrease.

We seriously appreciate all of your help and your support through all of this and ask that if you have an extra dollar or two, the pups would GREATLY benefit from sending it their way.

We aren't sure how the pandemic will affect our adoption rates/times but we hope it will not! The company of a dog is the best thing to have when you have to spend most of your time away from people.

Again, we truly appreciate all of your support, and we look forward to seeing what the year holds.

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